I discovered Nia in 2007 after having read this article in Guardian. Initially skeptical, I couldn’t understand why I returned home from a Nia class in such good spirits!

As a young girl I had been involved in many different sports, from gymnastics, through tennis, to volleyball, but also some aerobics and weight training. I attended a contemporary dance class for a few weeks, but as the course finished and I had to pay to continue with dance classes, my parents declined to pay for my classes, seeing this education as a waste of time and money. Thus the seed of dancing was buried for several years.

And then Nia came to water the seed, and let it grow and grow. And Nia keeps feeding my desire to move to music seeing beauty and grace, accepting my movement limitations (due to scoliosis and spinal fusion operation) and allowing me to find joy and self-love. This is why I dance Nia… Join me in this journey to joyfulness and exploration …