Nia is a cardiovascular programme that uses WHOLE-BODY, EXPRESSIVE, GROUNDED movement, rather than repetitive jogging or lifting. Nia gives you tools to explore your Body’s Way and the way that you move. As a Nia student you are given the space and time to explore, perceive and refine your movements in order to experience greater ease and PLEASURE.

Through the practice of the Nia technique, the Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit TRANSFORM effortlessly – changing and growing to reach the personal potential set by each individual. People are encouraged to develop in their own way, their own time within a COMMUNITY group exercise environment.

Nia supports the PLEASURE PRINCIPLE. If it FEELS GOOD, keep doing it. If it’s uncomfortable, modify the movement to sense pleasure. Nia can be done on your CHOICE OF LEVELS: one, two, or three, the choice of levels is about being able to respond to your Body moment to moment, you can be a level 1 for one movement, then turn up the volume to level three in the next and back to level two for the next song. Like sailing a boat and responding to the weather.

Nia TONES & TRIMS the Body — effortlessly. It starts with FITNESS & ends with comprehensive HEALING of the whole self.

Through Nia you learn to become your own Conscious Personal Trainer, who is best able to choose how to CONDITION your body in a FUN, effortless way so that you end each class feeling rejuvenated, LIBERATED, centered and calm!