Nia classes, workshops and other events with Evi Patsia in Athens, Greece and London, Uk.

Free Nia class on the 30th of September 2017

Athens, Greece

An introductory classic Nia class that everyone can attend. We will dance and get sweat to great music, while experiencing the latest proposal of the Nia Technique Faculty: a fitness routine to empower and create sustainability in the body.

When: Tuesday 6.30pm, 30th September 2017
Where: Holistic Art Studio, Irakleitou 110, Patima Chalandrou, Athens, Greece
Contact: The studio at 0030 6987 09 2359, or Evi 0030 6984 902066


Awareness of Feet: Sensing the Hands that Touch the Earth

Athens, Greece

The focus of this workshop is cultivating an awareness of the feet, and the intent is to learn how to use the feet to self-heal and condition the body from the ground up.

We will look at the form and function of the feet to become body literate and skilled in reading the sensory signals of healthy foot mobility and stability. We will use exercises that will help us increase the sensory IQ in addition to increased self-knowledge, so that we can improve the way we move, walk and live in our body.

When: Sunday 11.30am, 7th May 2017
Where: Choroekfrasi Dance Studio, Chanion 1 & Souliou, Aigaleo, Athens
Contact: The studio at 0030 210 5913986, or Evi 0030 6984 902066